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What you want to know about bauer coupling?

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  Lever Lock Bauer type couplings provide a quick and easy way to join many lengths of hose together. They are commonly used for the pumping and transfer of water in the construction, road maintenance and general irrigation industries. They can also be used for loading and unload road tankers. PAR Group supply galvanised steel Bauer type Couplings as standard. Stainless Steel and genuine Bauer Couplings are available upon request.

  Bauer couplings are mechanical device used for power transmission and use a hub with gear teeth on the outer diameter of the input shaft. The hub on the output shaft is joined by a sleeve or flange with the teeth found in the inside diameter. This helps to transfer the torque as well as house shaft misalignment. Bauer couplings are generally made of metals and so, they really need proper lubrication for a problem free running. These couplings are generally very rigid and can transfer high torque via small packages.

  Bauer couplings consist of a clutch with an input connection to power take off and an output to transfer power input of trailer unit. The tension generated as the coupling joins the trailer units and tractor is generally monitored and the clutch slippage in also controlled in reaction to monitored tension. This monitoring is needed to regulate the speed of the trailer unit which is same as the speed of the tractor unit.