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How is the isolation circuit design of the new magnetic bauer coupling?

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  In the circuit design, digital signal isolation transmission circuit is one of the more commonly used circuits. The general magnetic bauer coupling isolation circuit is only suitable for the transmission of high frequency signals, zoned for low frequency or DC signals powerless.

  In order to realize the magnetic coupled isolation circuit transmission signal function, with a narrow pulse digital signal representing the state change, with narrow pulse magnetic insulation transmission instead of the low frequency digital signal magnetic isolation transmission, or reset circuit determining magnetic isolation transmission circuit to the initial state. Determined under the joint action of the initial state and a signal state change pulses, the output of the circuit of the magnetic isolation of full recovery needs to transmit a digital signal, thereby to achieve the isolated transmission of the magnetic bauer coupling of the low frequency or DC signal.

  Using this design can expand the application areas of the magnetic bauer coupling isolation techniques, to reduce the power consumption of the circuit.