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What’s the function of capacitive bauer coupling?

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  Capacitive bauer coupling is the role of communication signals from the level to the next level. The coupling method has direct bauer coupling and the transformer coupling method. Direct bauer coupling efficiency is the highest signal without distortion. However, before and after the two points adjustment is more complex, and implicated each other.

  In order to make that the rear stage work point is not affected by the first level impact, is required in the DC to a previous stage and a grade separated after. transfer to a level, at the same time to complete the task is using the capacitor to transfer or transformer transmission to realize. They can transfer the AC signal and the partition to DC, before and after the class work points are not implicated.

  But the difference is that signal phase will delay to some by using capacitive transmission, The high frequency components of signal will loss some, by using transformers for transmission, Under normal circumstances, the small signal transmission, commonly is used capacitors as coupling components, signals or strong signal transmission, commonly used in transformer as the coupling component.