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What’s the basic principle of magnetic bauer coupling isolation circuit?

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  Magnetic bauer coupling isolation refers to the use of the principle of electromagnetic induction. It is required to transmit the signal to the primary coil of the transformer, the signal in the primary coil to generate the magnetic field changes, changes in the magnetic field makes the secondary coil of the magnetic flux changes, resulting in the secondary induction and primary coil excitation signals related to changes in output signal, the signal transmission process, primary and secondary do not occur between electrically connected, so as to achieve the purpose of isolated primary and secondary.

  Because only the changed signal current to the primary isolation circuit can generate the changing magnetic field in the magnetic bauercoupling, thus, the output signal can be induced in the secondary circuit. Only the change in frequency that is higher than a certain value signal can be transmitted between primary and secondary, and changes in the signal with a lower frequency transmission in the process will have serious distortion, DC signals can not be in the first level transmission.

  Therefore the ordinary magnetic bauer coupling isolation technology can only be used in the high frequency signal isolation transmission.