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The brief introduction of the optical fiber coupler with bauer coupling?

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  Optical fiber coupler with bauer coupling is also called ramification device, connector, adapter, flange, and is used to achieve the optical signal splitter / combiner, or for extending fiber optic link element, belonging to the field of passive components, in a telecommunication network, cable TV network, subscriber loop systems, and local area networks all will use it.

  Optical fiber coupler with bauer coupling can be divided into standard type coupler, direct-connecting type coupler, stellate / tree shape coupler, wavelength multiplexer,and its making-way for a sintering, micro optics, optical waveguide type three kinds, and sintered method production accounted for the majority ( about 90% ).

  Sintering production is to make the two fiber core together through scorification tensile to achieve optical coupling, and one of the most important production equipment is optical fiber fusion splicer, is one of the important steps, although important step part by machine manufacturing, but after sintering, it must work testing package, so the artificial cost occupies about 10 ~ 15%, and manual detection package must be guaranteed quality consistency, this is also the quantity that must be overcome, but technical difficulty not if DWDM module and a light active element is high, so early manufacturers that what to enter the optical fiber industry , most of they will begin from the optical coupler's cutting, and gross profit is in 20~ 30%.

  Fourthly, according to the cooling mode, it has self cooling, oil cooling and forced-air.