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The introductions of bauer coupling series products

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  The retractable connector series, waterproof casing series, expansion joints series, Transmission Joint Series Powell connector series, compensator series,bauer coupling, duckbill valve series products such A breakdown is as follows:

  A retractable connector series: GFJH type dual-flange steel complex the joint, KRHD steel flexible connector VSSJA-1-type single flange limit loose telescopic joint, VSSJA-2 dual flange limit loose tube expansion joints, bauer coupling,the gland SSJB-3 Limit loose telescopic joint, AF (VSSJA) type Fange telescopic joint, SSJB (AY) type gland loose telescopic joints.

  Waterproof casing pipe series: steel flexible waterproof casing, stainless steel waterproof casing, ZYS808 flexible waterproof casing rigid waterproof casing, A-type, bauer coupling,B type steel waterproof casing, 04FS02 both sides of the protective flexible airtight casing, plus Long waterproof casing, lengthened plus wing the ring flexible waterproof casing.

  Expansion joints Series: SSQ-1 type pipe expansion joints, pipe expansion joints of the SSQ-2 type, SSQ-3 type pipe expansion joints, SF steel expansion joints, RS flexible pipe expansion joints CS-type heat pipe expansion joints SSQ-type cast iron expansion joints, RSG fast pipeline connector, bauer coupling,both ends of the flange limit pressure disc expansion joints, DC media thrust expansion joints, spherical expansion joints.

  Transmission Joint Series: the C2F double Falan Song Transmission Joint the CF type single Fange-sets of force transmission connector, CC2F removable dual Falan Song sets of power transmission joint.