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Why does the selection error of bauer coupling type occur?

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  In the selecting and matching of the torque-limiting type hydraulic bauer coupler, selection to cause errors has the following aspects:

  Firstly, do not know about the mode. For example, it originally is intended to select easy dismounting coupler, because do not know about the models, mistakenly select a lengthened auxiliary cavity type.

  Secondly, do not know clearly about the bauer coupling structure, especially the belt wheel, detachable, lengthened auxiliary cavity of these special types, if you do not know about their special structure, it may have a mistake understanding in ordinary type, the results will be wrong.

  Thirdly, do not know about the performance of the bauer coupling. For example, some require super soft start equipment, and it originally should choose the auxiliary chamber of the coupler that has extended the performance. But because we do not understand it, then mistakenly select the ordinary type.

  Fourthly, do not know clearly about the various types of coupler. Some people originally want to select the hanging vertical parallel transmission bauer coupling, but because they do not know about the difference among various types of bauer coupling, they mistakenly choose sit straight connection type coupler.