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What are the capacitive coupling, radiative coupling and leakage coupling?

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  Capacitive bauer coupling, also known as the electric field coupling or electrostatic coupling, is a coupling mode due to the existence of the distributed capacitance.

  Electromagnetic induction coupling, also known as the magnetic field coupling, is a coupling mode due to internal or external space and electromagnetic induction. The common method to prevent this coupling device is to shield, which is easy to be interfered by circuit.

  Radiative bauer coupling: electromagnetic radiation can cause interference coupling, which, is a kind of random interference. This interference can easily spread through the power cord to the system. When the signal transmission line is long, they can be radiated interference waves and reception of interference wave, called large line effects.

  Leakage bauer coupling: the so-called leakage coupling is resistive coupling. Such interference often occurs, when the insulation is reduced.