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What’s the interference mode of bauer coupling:?

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  The interference mode of bauer coupling:

  Interference signals, generated by the source of interference, are the electronic control system through the bauer coupling channel role of electromagnetic interference. Interference bauer coupling is none other than through a wire, space, line role in the electronic control system. There are mainly the following types according to the analysis:

  Direct bauer coupling: this is the most direct way to interference, and is also the most common form that exists in the system. Direct invasion to the system of the interference signal through the wires will cause the interference to the system. This bauer coupling can use filter decoupling method to effectively inhibit the incoming electromagnetic interference signals.

  Common impedance coupling: this is also a common bauer coupling mode, which often occurs in a common pathway in the two-circuit current. Common impedance coupling has two types: public and source impedance. To prevent this bauer coupling, we should make the coupling impedance close to zero, so that the interference source and interference object have no public impedance.