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Do you know what the bauer coupling refers to?

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  Coupling refers to the close cooperation and interaction between the input and output of two or more circuit components or the electrical network, and the phenomenon transferring energy through the interaction from one side to the other side. Generally speaking, the bauer coupling means that two or more than two entities are dependent on each other for a measure.

  Bauer coupling as a noun has related term in communication engineering, software engineering, mechanical engineering and other engineering.

  In practical engineering, there are a lot of physical fields. The temperature field, stress field, temperature field and so on are all belonging to the physical field. And many problems that we need to solve are superposition problem in the physical field, because these physical fields directly affect each other. For example, the high or low temperature of steelmaking will affect stress distribution. This overlap problem of multiple physical fields is called multi field coupling problem, which is also a kind of coupling.