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Brief introduction for the hook type fast king combination nipple

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  The diagram can show the structure of this king combination nipple, quick king combination nipple consists of a bell mouth rubber seals and other parts. The socket is arranged on the end part of the pipe, the hook is installed on the other end of a pipe.

  Groove on a socket. The inner surface of socket is a conical pipe. To undertake a hook groove tube.

  Method for connecting the pipes is to insert socket into the interface; the socket by hook, hook front slope and slope slide into the habitat outside the hook groove. Under water pressure, in V shaped rubber sealing ring of king combination nipple, tube wall rubber wings are close to the tight circle of pipes, so as to ensure the sealing performance. The elimination of stress, pipe water from the rubber seal ring with the gap between the pipe wall. Stop to prevent the socket is inserted into the deep effect. When disassembled, as long as the socket then pushed to a certain depth, and then rotated by an angle, the hook that slide out from the hook groove side gap