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Note the use of Semiconductor fast king combination nipple

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  Semiconductor fast king combination nipple is mainly used for semiconductor, semiconductor production equipment of fluorine resin. Body material should be anti corrosive or casting metal fluoride resin (PFA) of the resin products.

  The matters needing attention:


  Make the dilution experiment of sealing material for fluid, confirm material is suitable for the.

  The outer thread should use Teflon sealing tape.

  Do not exceed the maximum torque when tightening mounting threads, prevent the damage.

  When inserted, in order to reduce the friction (insert load) and protect the "O" - shaped sealing ring, sealing ring or a quick joint type in "O" ("O" - shaped sealing ring folds Department) with the fluid or water.

  When in separation, because a small amount of fluid flows out, in order to prevent dangerous compressed air making the internal fluid of fast king combination nipple discharged or separated.

  Please do not use as a hinge joint.

  Please do not use for purposes other than rapid fluid connections.

  Don't hit the bending, stretching, prevent man-made damage.

  When the casing or quick king combination nipple is single. please don't pressure to use, to prevent the valve fly out.

  The monomer must be specified on the cover of dust.

  Do not remove the quick king combination nipple.