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Brief introduction for the sleeve type pipe king combination nipple

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  Shown as the structure of sleeve type pipe king combination nipple. Sleeve type pipe king combination nipple mainly consists of three parts, the king combination nipple has a tapered hole of the body 4, a pressing nut with sharp inner edge card set of 2 press 3.

  When tightening the nut, sleeve 2 is to promote the taper hole, and then the deformation. Clamping sleeve and the king combination nipple body cone forming spherical contact seal; at the same time, the outer surface of the inner blade clamping sleeve opening embedded pipe L, the outer wall of the earth: out of an annular groove, and thus play a role in sealing reliable. Sleeve type pipe king combination nipple has the advantages of simple structure, good performance, light mass member, small volume and convenient use, no welding, the axial size is not strict etc., hydraulic, qigong system pipeline ideal connector.