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The application of pipe king combination nipple

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  Pipeking combination nipple is the connection tool between pipe and pipe, and is the removable connection points between the pipes and components. As an indispensable and important role in the tube, it is one of the two main components of hydraulic pipeline.

  There are various types of pipe king combination nipple, pipe king combination nipple is commonly used in general can be divided into two kinds of fittings and hose connector tube. If in accordance with the connection pipe and pipe to points, hard tube joint with flared type, sleeve type and welding type three, hose connector is mainly buckling type hose connector.

  In hydraulic system, pipeline and connection pipe king combination nipple are also different, the pipeline is screwed into the end of the threaded connections. Taper thread by virtue of his body is screwed with PTFE sealing operation of material, which is mainly used in the low pressure in the hydraulic system. Fine thread sealing effect is very good, it is often used in high voltage system, but it requires the use of combination washer or O ring to the end of the enclosed work, sometimes use a copper washer, it is more suitable for the pipeline connecting tube wall is thick, the main part of a joint body, take over and nut. When in use, the joint body is embedded into the target, with the use of said in front of the washer will face seal, between the king combination nipple body and take over the rubber sealing, sometimes using a spherical sealing mode.