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Fittings and type of king combination nipple, The metric system, American and English standard thread

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  Fittings of king combination nipple:

  Including: nut, sleeve, flaring core, the flaring sleeve, flare nut

  The type of king combination nipple:

  End straight joint, straight joint, three joint, elbow, with movable nut joint, joint, plug, a transition joint etc.

  Composition of double fittings of king combination nipple: front snap ring, after the clasp, nut

  The material used is the stainless steel and copper

  The metric system, American and English standard thread

  NPT, PT, G are pipe thread.

  NPT is the abbreviation of National (American) Pipe Thread, 60 degree taper pipe thread belongs to the American Standard, used in North America. National standards can be found in GB/T12716-1991

  PT is the Pipe Thread abbreviation, is the 55 sealing taper pipe threads of Whitworth, family, for Europe and the Commonwealth countries. Often used in the water and gas pipe industry, taper provisions of 1:16. national standards can be found in GB/T7306-2000

  G is a 55 degree non thread sealing pipe threads, belonging to the Whitworth family. Mark G stands for the cylindrical thread. National standards can be found in GB/T7307-2001