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What is the harm if the hydraulic transmission oil is polluted?

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  Hydraulic transmission oil being polluted can cause the system to produce a variety of fault, mainly in the following aspects:

  Damage to the sealing. Hydraulic cam and groove coupling are in sealing ring, if oil pollution particles, will destroy the oil seal lip, increasing axial seal wear, thus breaking the seal.

  Damage to bearings, gear. Because the hydraulic transmission oil is transmission power and lubrication of the bearing, so the working oil mixed with impurities will accelerate bearing especially run dynamic bearing wear, increase gear damage.

  Plug the pipeline; hydraulic cam and groove coupling of the catheter, orifice plate, plate type cooler, pipeline are likely due to the work of hydraulic pollution and bet, so that the liquid can not be normal circulation flow, cam and groove coupling is not working properly.

  Damage to the valve. Safety valve, flow regulating valve in hydraulic coupling device, the hydraulic element is blocked if particles will lose its role, the cam and groove coupling can not work.

  Accelerated aging: after oil contamination, rust proof oil viscosity, emulsification, foam and other rational reduced, thus avoidance.