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Tank dedicated fast king combination nipple and Meter king combination nipple

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  Tank dedicated fast king combination nipple:

  [use]: R & D of tanker, container car fast king combination nipple is according to DIN standard series, threaded connector and fixture supporting the terminal connection parts. End tank for oil pipeline. Because of its simple and rapid operation design, using the stability of zero leakage, tank car series of joint in the European market has been popular for more than fifty or sixty years.

  Meter king combination nipple:

  Fast joint for instrument: no O - ring seal leakage can be used for vacuum and pressure systems, can be interchangeable with other. Push type connection enables fast and convenient operation, the locking device of large area to ensure more firmly clamp the pipe stem.

  Full flow fast king combination nipple: a maximum operating pressure of 414 bar (6000 psig), stainless steel, carbon steel and brass texture, smooth, open cavity, both ends without valve, minimizes pressure drop, easy to clean.