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"Card" fast king combination nipple and Pull rod type fast king combination nipple

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  "Card" fast king combination nipple:

  "Card" fast king combination nipple (2 pieces)

  [use]: "card" king combination nipple is specially for low pressure pipe, the fast joint for gardening, irrigation water hose special.

  [structure]: "card" fast king combination nipple has no male and female head difference, from the left and right symmetrical "claw" structure. Relying on the rubber gasket seal. Tail jagged design, greatly improving the friction with the pipe connection, simple design, durable.

  Pull rod type fast king combination nipple:

  [use]: design and produce fast king combination nipple according to the American military standard, which is suitable for various fluid hose and hard tube fast connection, the internal and external thread and the male and female head parts assembly. Selection of materials is wide, strengthen the aluminum alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel, nylon, plastic and so on, is widely used in the field of petrochemical chemical transport.

  [structure]: fast king combination nipple is divided into male and female head rod type. The head is in the shape of arc fit into the female, the female head at the bottom of a gasket. Relying on the handle pulling or pressing in on both sides of the head (parent of only one small size with a handle) to the male head extrusion is fixed on the pad, forming a seal.