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How to disassembly rotating assembly and bearing of Hydraulic cam and groove coupling?

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  Hydraulic cam and groove coupling has many types, removing method and steps are not the same.

  (a) the input and output cam and groove coupling half coupling off.

  (b) screw unloading hydraulic cam and groove coupling on the box cover, the observation hole, open the output end of the connecting pin, remove the tail of the catheter and regulation mechanism of rod system, so that the tube and rod line separation, and then hanging box cover.

  (c) the positioning screw pipe shell and the pump casing inlet and outlet of the oil tube removed, two tube axially away.

  (d) remove the input end and output end mounting plate mounting screw and a positioning pin board.

  (E) the pump casing and catheter housing and its mounting plate and the rotating assembly hanging out of the box body onto the brackets, ensure the oil suction pipe is not in contact with the ground.

  (f) remove the input shaft and the output shaft of the half cam and groove coupling.

  (g) from the input will pump housing together with the input end of the mounting plate removed together, roller bearing inner ring remained in the input oil.

  (H) remove the screw on the output end and remove the end cover, and the catheter housing together with the output end of the mounting plate separated from the output shaft.

  (I) so that the output shaft will rotate assembly lift down, the pad from the input shaft housing, remove the drive gear and the key.

  (J) remove the input screw and a positioning pin is connected between the shaft and the back shell, the flange on the input shaft out of the top bolt.

  (k) the rotary component inversion under the rain, the output shaft upward, the screw and a positioning pin between the shell and the pump wheel removed, lift the shell, and then remove screw and a positioning pin between the pump wheel and the back shell, the pump impeller, pump wheel bearings, pump wheel baffle hanging out together.

  (L) turn the turbine parts over, hold back shell flange, so that the output shaft droop, remove axial ring, the output shaft extruder.

  (m) the rest of the disassembly of relatively simple, not one one introduction. But not to cannot but, no technology can not be disassemble the hydraulic coupler coupling because, in different conditions and different environment will have different methods of disassembly. The reprint please indicate;