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Why may the hydraulic transmission oil be contaminated?

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  When installing Hydraulic cam and groove coupling, box is no cleaned clearly. Iron pin, paint, impurity, rags and other pollutants in the box body.

  When testing, working oil is too dirty. The test work of oil equivalent to rinse, each test a car will increase the number of pollutants, in the course of time, commissioning of oil polluted, if not timely replacement of filter or will cause pollution sources.

  Dustproof device failure. Air filter cam and groove coupling box failure will cause the dust and other impurities through the filter into the box body.

  When installing cam and groove coupling, pipes line doesn't be cleaned. Coupling installation must be hydraulic cam and groove coupling, an oil outlet and inlet, outlet cooler oil outlet pipe connected. If these lines are not clean, or oxidation during welding residual remaining within the skin may be caused by oil pollution.

  The working liquid added unqualified. New oil is relatively clean conditions refined, but if the pipelines, pumping equipment, oil storage tanks if pollutants, will also make the work of oil pollution.

  Downtime when the dirt box. Such as cleaning parts of the cloth fiber, dust, impurities, etc.

  Working oil deterioration. Oil in excess of the prescribed period, the oil aging, microglia produce, asphalt, carbon residue and other debris.

  When hydraulic cam and groove coupling Wheel is damaged. Wheel damage after metal scraps magazine, the working fluid pollution.

  The filter is not cleaned in time. The filter is not in accordance with the provisions of cleaning, even filter impact wear, not to work the oil filter.

  Cooler seal failure. Cold water channeling people coupling box body, the rust, oil pump, gear Teng bearings and other metal pieces, to further increase the pollution degree of oil.