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Checking the working machine includes whether reducer has faulty or stuck note

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  Checking the working machine includes whether reducer has faulty or stuck note, make the cam and groove coupling off from working machine , singly test hydraulic cam and groove coupling, to see whether it rotates. If the cam and groove coupling is nothing wrong with working machine, check whether there is any fault.

  (a) causes analysis of fault: working machine or reducer failure and lead to cam and groove coupling output brake not turn, it is often the case. Because the coupling cannot direct mechanical connection, rely on the liquid kinetic energy transfer power, after work, machine failure load increase, therefore cannot drive, cam and groove coupling in braking condition i=0.

  (b) troubleshooting method: after removing working machine or failure of reducer, try again, note that many users from such failure, the first thought is that cam and groove coupling is broken, all the way to find cam and groove coupling manufacturers to repair, a look not coupling. So the exclusion of such failure, should first think of coupling with overload protection function, since output does not turn, is likely to work the machine to a fault, after the work should be the machine to a fault this one out, and then test the failure rate coupler body. All users friends hope that analysis should be carefully read the instruction manual and the fault in the use of hydraulic cam and groove coupling.