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What is the vibration mode coupling?

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  The bauer coupling that we usually say is the coupling mean. What we often say is modal coupling and torsion coupling, in fact, they express the same meaning. The explanation in dictionary is quite in place.

  We have the language expression of Vibration Engineering: bauer coupling refers that it includes a variety of vibration forms in the vibration shape

  Vibration mode coupling means two vibration modes in a mode of vibration input, resulting in another of the vibration mode response. The coupling separation called decoupling. Decoupling was designed so that each degree of freedom vibration is relative independence or separation. It can take measures on the poor isolation effect of degree of freedom without affecting other performance on the degree of freedom. When the degree of freedom is independent, it may produce resonance frequency, which is smaller than being coupled. Especially in the direction of the excitation energy, it must be ensured the decoupling.