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What types can the coupling be divided into?

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  The bauer coupling is interrelated metrics between modules in the program structure. It depends on the complexity of the interface between each module, the calling module, as well as what information is through the interface. The bauer coupling can be divided into the following types:

  The first is content coupling. When a module directly modifies or operates another module data, or when a module entries into another module not by normal ways, Such coupling is called content coupling. Content coupling is the highest degree of coupling, so they should be avoided to use.

  The second is common coupling. Two or more modules use a global data. This coupling is common coupling. In the structure with a large number of common couplings, determining which module to assign a specific value to the global variable is very difficult.

  The third is external coupling. A set of modules are accessing the same overall simple variable rather than a different global data structure, and the information of the global variables is not passed through the parameter list , which is called external coupling.