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What is the degree of coupling between objects in the software engineering?

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  Simply speaking, the degree of bauer coupling between objects in the software engineering is the dependence between the objects. The main problem of guiding the use and maintaining the object is the dependence between multiple objects. The higher the bauer coupling is between objects, and the higher maintenance cost is. The design of the object should be the minimum coupling between classes and components.

  There is coupling between hardware and software, as well as the coupling between software modules. The bauer coupling between modules is the program structure of interrelated metrics. It depends on the complex system of the interface between each module, the calling module, and the interface through information.

  Coupling is an important factor to affect the complexity of the software and design quality. We should adopt the following principles in the design: If there is a coupling between modules it had better make use of data coupling, less control coupling, limit the scope of common coupling and avoid using the content coupling as far as possible.