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An explanation to the coupling

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  Bending torsion coupling:

  If the structural bending torsion acts, then, bending vibration and torsional coupling, or bend and twist heart do not coincide, then there may be coupled modes. Rigorous modal with bending deformation is also accompanied by the torsional deformation, commonly known as the lateral-torsional coupling.

  Modal coupling:

  The coupling between multiple degrees of freedom depends on our observation of the movement of the selected coordinate system. Appropriate coordinate system’s selection can eliminate the coupling effect between the movements. This is the main coordinate system. Multiple degree of freedom system is like single degree of freedom system that is independent with each other in the main coordinate system. The system movement of decoupling is a natural vibration system.

  Under physical coordinate, the system element has a clear physical meaning. It can be said that coupling is the coupling between different vibration directions. The elements, in the generalized coordinate, have no intuitive physical meaning. Elements in the modal coordinates reflect the amount of the contribution from intrinsic vibration modes of the system.