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Which principle should we take on the coupling design?

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  Control coupling: a module transmits a control signal through the interface to another module, and t based on the value of the signal, the module receiving signal takes the appropriate action, we call this bauer coupling as the control coupling.

  Data coupling: pass data between modules through a parameter, and we call this as data coupling. Data coupling and a bauer coupling with the lowest form generally exist in the system, because to complete some meaningful functions often require some module’s output data as the input data of another module.

  Non-direct coupling: there is no direct relationship between the two modules. The links between them is entirely achieved through the control of the main module.

  Coupling is an important factor to affect the complexity of the software and design quality. We should adopt the following principles in the design: if the coupling must exist between the modules, we’d better use data coupling, use less control coupling. Limit the scope of common coupling, as far as possible avoid the use of the content coupling.