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What is the relation between the cohesion and coupling?

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  Cohesion and bauer coupling: cohesive sign combination tightness among individual elements within a module. It is a natural extension of the hidden information and the localized concept. Cohesion measures the module contact from a functional point. A cohesive module should do one thing well. It describes the functional linkages within the module.

  The bauer coupling is a measure of mutual connections between each module in the software architecture. The coupling strength depends on the complexity of the interfaces between modules, the point to enter or access points of a module, as well as data through the interface.

  Program emphasizes low coupling and high cohesion. That is the same module within the various elements to a highly compact modules, but interdependent but not so tightly. Cohesion and coupling are closely related. High coupling with other modules module means low internal cohesion, and the module with high cohesion means that it is low coupling between this module with other modules.