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The brief introduction of the coupler

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  In microwave system, it often needs to be a way of microwave power in proportion into several road, which is the power allocation problem. The element to realize the function is called the power distribution components namely coupling, mainly including: directional coupler, power divider and a variety of microwave branching device. These bauer coupling components are generally linear multi-port reciprocal network

  The coupler is also called adapter, a photoelectric bauer coupling is as light as the medium to transmit electrical signals to an electric optical electrical converter. It consists of light source and the light receiving device is composed of two parts. The light source and the light receiver assembly in a closed shell, each other with transparent insulation. The light emitting source pins as the input end, a light receiver pin as an output, a common light source is a light emitting diode, a light receiver for the photodiodes, phototransistor etc..

  The photoelectric bauer coupler has many types, which commonly has photodiode type, photoelectric triode type, photosensitive resistance, light triggered thyristor type, photoelectric Darlington type and integrated circuit type.