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Why does AC bauer coupling work up to the second sampling?

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  The question: in the application, we measure the accelerometer, which requires the use of IEPE incentive. We open the IEPE incentive and arrange it for DC bauer coupling. Because IEPE creates an offset, measuring readings are roughly 10V. Then, we will set bauer coupling mode as AC, and then do the next measurement. The first gotten reading is about 10V, but then all the readings are correct.

  Why does AC bauer coupling work up to the second sampling?

  The answer: if you use the AC bauer coupling, in essence, it is connected with a capacitor ( or high-pass filter ) behind the signal. Filter time constant is the second level. So if you under the condition of large DC, suddenly plus the filter ( from DC coupling is converted to AC mode coupling ), the DC signal takes a few seconds to decay to 0V. Usually in the actual use for IEPE sensor to provide a setting time, avoid actual measurement problems in. If you will collect the time extended to several seconds, you can see the signal attenuation from 10V to 0V.