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How does the coupler work?

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  In a photoelectric bauer coupling with input signals making the light source light, the intensity of the light depends on the excitation current size, after the light from the light receiver package together, because of the photoelectric effect, it produces light current, and output terminal by the light-receiving device, so as to realize the electric light electrical conversion.

  Bauer coupling is in the photoelectric coupler, because the coupled capacitor between the light emitting tube and a light receiving device is very small ( less than 2pF) so the common-mode input voltage via a coupling capacitance has a little influence on the output current, so the common mode rejection ratio is very high.

  Photoelectric coupler's output characteristic refers to the relations between a photosensitive tube's bias voltage and output current of VCEbetween IC under certain luminous current IF, when IF=0, the light emitting diode is luminous, the photosensitive transistor collector output current is called the dark current, which is generally very small.