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Which type and working feature does variable speed hydraulic coupler?

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  Variable speed hydraulic bauer coupling is also divided into import regulation type, export regulation type, and composite regulation type.

  Import regulation type adjustable speed hydraulic coupler has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, light weight, simple auxiliary system. But in the process of shell and the pump wheel rotation together and speed regulation, because the working liquid gravity constantly changes, which causes the balance accuracy declined and vibration increased, so it is not suitable to be used under the condition of high speed, speed not exceeding 1500r/min for small and medium power applications. Because the hydraulic coupler is difficult to install and debug, slow response speed, and high failure rate, so its production and application is reduced.

  Export regulation type hydraulic bauer coupling governor's working cavity entrance is offered by quantitative pump, constant flow, outlet flow with the catheter opening adjustment and change, cause the change of work cavity filling degree and output speed. Due to fast response speed ( a few seconds ), so it is also called fast regulating coupler.

  The inlet and outlet flow of composite adjustable hydraulic coupler's working cavity can be simultaneously adjusted, although the structure is complex, but it can reduce the pump flow demand and better control of fluid temperature.