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Hydraulic coupler has the following main characteristics of application

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Which main application characteristics does hydraulic coupler have?

  Firstly, stepless speed regulation: The wind turbine's operating speed can save energy. After installing the hydraulic bauer coupling, it can easily do speed regulation to satisfy the working flow requirements by manual or electric control method, which saves a large amount of electric energy.

  Secondly, no load starting of hydraulic bauer coupling: There is no mechanical connection between the main and the driven shaft coupler, and cleaning the oil in the flow passage can close to no-load form to rapidly start up the motor, and then gradually increase the coupler oil filling, allowing the blower gradually start into operation, ensures that high power fan can start safely, and also can reduce the motor startup electric energy consumption.

  Thirdly, overload protection: That between the main and passive slip of coupler belongs to the flexible connection, which can block shock, caused by the torque load suddenly increases or decreases the load of the torsional vibration of the motor, prevent shock, boring cars or transmission components damage accident.

  Fourthly, harmonic influence: When supporting the use with in different grades of high, low voltage, medium, large capacity motor , it can ensure that the motor has always been at the rated speed, the motor of high efficiency, high power factor, harmonic pollution to power network.

  Fifthly, long life cycle: in addition to bearing, there are no wear elements, and couplers can long-term safe operation without maintenance, which improves investment benefit.

  Sixthly, slip loss: hydraulic coupler is attached slip speed regulating device, can not make the load reach the rated speed of the motor, speed slip loss elevates temperature in the form of heating, it must be circulated or feedback using.