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What’s the three purposes of decoupling?

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  Three purposes of decoupling of bauer coupling:

  Firstly, remove high-frequency ripple in the power, and cut off crosstalk pathway of multi-stage amplifier high-frequency signals through the power.

  Secondly, when large-signal works, the requirement on circuit power increases, which will cause the power fluctuations. Reduce the large-signal by decoupling, and power fluctuations have ab effect in the input stage / high voltage gain stage.

         Thirdly, form a suspension or suspension power, and complete all parts of ground or power coordination matching of active devices in a complex system. In the process of open and close can generate high frequency switching noise along the power line communication. The main function of the decoupling capacitor is to provide a local DC power to the active device, to reduce the switching noise in the plate on the spread and will lead to noise.