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Bauer coupling loss

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  Bauer coupling loss: the ideal coupler’s input signal is for A. Some bauer coupling is to the B, the output port C must will be reduced. Couplers and splitters are passive devices, work does not use power (energy consumption), there is no power supplement, because energy is conserved, the input signal and the plurality of output signals are equal (excluding the insertion loss).

  The method to calculation: firstly, you can convert all "dBm" power on the port into "mW" to express in units. For example, the original power of the A input is 30dBm, then it, converted into "mW", is 1000 milliwatts. And the output of the bauer coupling end is 25.5dBm, 25.5dBm that is converted into milliwatts is 316.23 mW.