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Based on the introduction of Classification Knowledge king combination nipple

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  In reality, people will encounter many king combination nipple products. For it, maybe a lot of people don't know what it is, what features it has. But king combination nipple in plumbing engineering, it plays a very big role. Then some basic knowledge about the classification of the king combination nipple, here is to introduce.

  The first is the external screw type metal hose connector, it is made of zinc alloy material is made, the surface coated with a layer of zinc. It is firmly connected with metal hose, appearance is very generous, in life are widely applied.

  Another ferrule metal joints, can be no steel pipe and hose thread, usually used in the pipe without thread. The last one, is the self fixed type metal hose connector, it can save threading program, used to connect hose equipment outlet. Above, is about some basic knowledge of the king combination nipple. We can know from the above, the classification is two, and the characteristics between the two introduction.