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the preassemble processes is very important to the king combination nipple

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  Generally speaking, the main factor which can influenced of theking combination nipple is the steps of the preassemble processes, it is very important, because it had directly influenced of the king combination nipple sealing performance, so you should using some professional tools to processing the preassemble. In the other words, if the diameter of the king combination nipple is very small, then you should using a bench clamp to processing the preassemble processes, the specific step is to using a joint as the main structure body, then you should add some nuts and cutting ferrules on the joint.

  We can according to the different shapes and structures to divided the king combination nipple into three types, they are the pass-through of cutting sleeve type pipe, the cutting sleeve type which straight through to the head pipe and the card sleeve tee joint, there is a report about the depth of the nipples, in this report we had found that even those products were been produced by a same manufacturer, but there still has a big taper hole depth difference between those products, so you should according to your actual requirement to confirm the depth of the king combination nipple .

  After you had confirm the depth of the king combination nipple , you should choosing a corresponding connection joints to connect those nipples, then it would be utmost ground to avoiding the leakage problem of the nipples.