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About king combination nipple introduction as well as advantages

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  king combination nipple is a kind of new pipeline connection components, piping system for oil, gas and corrosive medium, working pressure of 16-40PMa. Structure of card king combination nipple is mainly composed of a joint with 24 Eve joy, tapered holes, with sharp inner edge of card sets, since the compression nut. Tighten the nut, sleeve pushed 24 Eve joy, cone, and then the deformation, the card sets of edge cut steel and form an annular groove, and thus play a role in sealing. The joint has the advantages of what?

  1, has the advantages of simple structure, reliable sealing performance, convenient use, fine workmanship, beautiful light and beautiful.

  2, do not add washer, no welding, material saving, repeated disassembly performance.

  3, because the king combination nipple can not be welded, thereby reducing the influence of impurities on the performance of the system pipeline. Therefore, king combination nipple is widely used in oil, gas, hydraulic pneumatic equipment for gas medium in the pipeline, particularly applicable to a fire hazard, high-altitude operations and disassembly frequent occasions, provide security for the staff.