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King combination nipple quality installation in plumbing engineering is very important

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  king combination nipple belongs to the auxiliary facilities of various pipe installation, easily ignored in plumbing construction foreign wire connector, as a result, often reflect the serious defects to the engineering quality in after the completion of the project.

  For example, after the construction in the heating system in pipeline, king combination nipple with mobile, the external decorative cover damage influence is beautiful; wear floor sleeve in completion, defects, does not meet the installation requirements, some off to the next layer and does not play a role; wall king combination nipple in the pipeline wall and no natural bent to reduce the extrusion wall pipe and the wall, causing wall or pipe being crushed; casing will sometimes come across a beam on the top wall, construction less casing, civil construction after the heating main pipe through the very difficult, some must detour from the beam, the upper and lower outgassing, add water, cause permanent defects to the project; the pipeline through the basement walls do not take the waterproof measure, cause steel corrosion; construction using a rigid casing through the foundation wall, foundation settlement of pipeline to be crushed, so that the pipeline flow into the underground buildings foundation, resulting in destruction of buildings.

  Above, is king combination nipple installation quality for the importance of plumbing engineering.