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how to install the king combination nipple is very important

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  The first step: to ensure the king combination nipple have a good ability and performance, also make sure that it can be efficiency working and increasing its using life, we attention you that when you install the nipples, you should not add any kinds of the padding, such as the sealing gum ,etc, the reason is that there had a person who want to have a better sealing performance, then he coating some sealing gum on the cutting ferrule surface, but during the daily using, the sealing gum was been rushing into the hydraulic system, then the hydraulic component is blocking, so you should not add any sealing gum;

  The second step: to avoid the king combination nipple suffered too much drawing force, when you install the lines, we suggests that you should leave out a enough deformation allowance, then it can protect the nipples been damaged;

  The third step: to make sure that the king combination nipple can suffer no yawing force, so before you connect the lines, you should confirm the right nipples condition first, then it can be prevent the yawing force to harm the nipples, as we know, if the yawing force is too big, then it would affect the sealing performance of the king combination nipple ,so you should think more about this factor;

  The last step: to make sure that the king combination nipple can have a good sealing ability, we suggest that you should achieve the demolition works in one time, because if you had installed it for some times, the sealing performance would be worse.