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Why the two cam and groove coupling can be used together?

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  Cam cam splitter is a component of the groove, so that the cam and groove coupling cam contour is a curve or recess with members, usually active parts, rotary motion or reciprocating linear motion for constant velocity. In contact with the cam profile of the cam and the transmission power and achieve a predetermined movement of the member, the general reciprocating linear motion or oscillation, called the follower.

  A well-designed, high-precision molding machine cam can improve a lot based on the original production efficiency, originally opened 10 per minute may open 13 to 12 or even more, although open hand grinding and more than molding cam tens of dollars to pay the cost, but this is only temporary, cam and groove coupling each machine will improve the efficiency of raw After looking at what, in fact, is very cost-effective when the encounter pressure similar competitors price and delivery terms, you will be no longer have to worry about! The same industry started in the same, so that no one I have, I have strong! You will be more competitive in the fierce combat metal car parts market! It's like shoes, put on good shoes can certainly go faster and farther in the arena! cam and groove coupling In the application of the basic features that enable followers to obtain more sophisticated law of motion. Because the movement of the follower depends on the cam profile, so when you apply, as long as according to the movement of the follower cam contour curve design on it.

  Cam mechanism is widely used in a variety of automatic machinery, apparatus and steering control device. Cam had such a wide range of applications, mainly due to the cam and groove coupling can achieve a variety of complex motion requirements, but simple and compact structure.