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Analysis of the common faults of cam and groove at run time

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  Cam and groove coupling in terms of promoting the machinery can play a good role, Cam and groove coupling in promoting improved production efficiency has a decisive role. Cam and groove coupling running time will inevitably encounter some failures, if not timely fault resolution will affect the normal operation of the cam and groove.

  Common faults included, what does is it?

  Top car. This will make the machine stop running. Such failures occur due to: the pressure regulator is too large; run too long; start position is not accurate; enough. The reasons that a failure has occurred.

  Dysfunctional. The main reasons are dysfunctional: Sport is damaged so that the machine can not run; moving parts friction surface starvation; improper adjustment positions. When not working on these timely adjustment to ensure normal operation.

  Severe vibration. The main reason there are two intense vibrations: serious wear and tear parts, so make screw loose; enter impurities affect the operation of the machine.

  Badly worn sometimes affect the operation of the machine, should be time to add the right amount of lubricant.

  Cam and groove coupling analysis of faults can be resolved in time, the machine can run better.