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Simple analysis of the cam groove and the installation process

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  Cam and groove coupling in terms of the use of machinery is very common, manufacturers of Cam and groove coupling were widely used. So, you understand the relevant knowledge Cam and groove coupling it For how many of these you know .

  Here, simple to tell you about.

  When the body's installation is very important. Installation should pay attention to the body in some detail: the customer prior to use can not be allowed to adjust cam and groove, assembly, disassembly. These must be done under the guidance of the relevant personnel. Without proper operation, then the accuracy of the cam and the recess will be destroyed. Also, before you use should be confirmed to complete the degree, if there is damage, it should be immediately timely adjustments. Moreover, the specific location to find the input and output shaft, after which the position found, it is fixed with screws to ensure the reliability of the installation.

  Input and output shaft installation also should be noted. Do not force the tap with a hammer, it will destroy the integrity. Input and output shaft position to make the appropriate adjustments, display will affect the operation of the position. Parts of the installation time to be detected by testing instruments.

  Master installation process can help to better understand the operation of Cam and groove coupling.