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Simple analysis of the cam groove and the characteristics of the product

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  Cam and groove coupling in the machine industry the most widely used, Cam and groove coupling for the promotion of productivity has played a significant role. Cam and groove coupling characteristics of the performance of the product is mainly why the place

  Here, small simple for everyone to perform simple analysis.

  First, the structure is simple. Simple structure also facilitate related operations, it is mainly divided by the cam plate and the two-part, two parts is the easiest part.

  Second, high accuracy. Whether in the partition or in the still area have accurate positioning, accurate positioning can help to improve the accuracy, but also improve the accuracy of the operation.

  Third, smooth transmission. Motion characteristics are particularly good. No noise when running, vibration amplitude is relatively small, but the action is continuous.

  Fourth, good speed performance. Splitter and a good round with the split makes the operation more high-speed, high-speed operation, it also enhanced impact resistance.

  Cam and groove coupling product is characterized as the points.