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A brief introduction about the kind of cam and groove

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  Cam and groove coupling structure can achieve complex movements, are widely used in automated and semi-automated devices. Cam and groove coupling structures widely used in various machinery which, for efficiency has played a catalytic role. So, Cam and groove coupling in wide use, while species are constantly increasing.

  Here, it is simple to tell you about the type of cam and groove.

  First, the disk-shaped cam. Its usefulness has some deficiencies, but also about a fixed axis diameter of the disc-shaped member changes are applicable to the operation of such machinery can play a good role.

  Second, the mobile cam. Rack cam relative linear motion, linear motion of the machine can play a good role for a number of devices suitable for large-scale,

  Third, the cylindrical cam. Cam is a cylinder, moving the cam can be converted into a cylinder, more suitable for the transport of machinery.

  Cam and groove coupling types is more of several different types, more different types have different characteristics, it can be well suited to promote the continuous development of Cam and groove coupling.