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The superiority of torque-limiting type's hydraulic bauer coupler that is showed in the belt conveyer application

Source: Notetime: 2012-10-25 12:47:58 click: 3577

  Firstly, it is able to use cheap cage to replace the expensive wound motor, use fluid coupling light load start function at full capacity to ensure that the conveyor belt is smooth.

  Secondly, it can be used with time delay function of starting torque limited hydraulic bauer coupling, so that the belt conveyor keep slow, steady, delay starting according to the requirements, in order to reduce the tension of conveyor belt start, prolong the service life of the conveyer belt.

  Thirdly, it is able to coordinate multiple motor drive, make the engine start sequence, balanced load and synchronous drive.

  Fourthly, with overload protection function, it can protect the motor and conveyer is not damaged in overload and failure.

  Fifthly, reduce the installed capacity, energy saving, because hydraulic coupling solved belt conveyor starting difficulty and load balancing problems, the total driving power is reduce, and starting ability gains improved.