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Specific datas on Bauer Coupling

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  1.Name:galvanized lever lock quick water pump bauer coupling with barb

  2.Material: galvanized steel or S/S male tail, female tail, lever ring and rubber ring

  4.size: 2", 3", 3-1/2",4",6",8"

  5.advantage: safe, fast, easy, flexible the same range some other items: T joint, Y joint, 90 degree bend, 45 degree bend, flange adaptor, end cap, thread adaptor, flange adaptor, enlarger and reducer male and female, strainer, pipe galvanized and non-galvanized

  7.application:irrigation, mining and tunneling, civil engineering project,

  emergency water supply,dewatering and drainage date: 30-45days

  9.payment:L/C or T/T

  10.package: wood or steel pallet