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cam and groove coupling products have the characteristics of what?

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  For cam and groove coupling have characteristics that can be divided into several aspects to say first is that the advantages of a cam mechanism of it, this is relatively easy to show that detail in the following article will detail to talk about this aspect.

  Simply design the appropriate cam profile, you can make the follower's expected to get any movement, but the structure is simple, compact design easy, so automatic machine tools, light industrial machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, food machinery, packaging machinery and mechatronic products are widely used. This is about the merits cam and groove coupling owned, and said on many occasions may be able to apply to, you can bring a lot of roles in life and production.

  Come talk cam and groove coupling will have the disadvantage of it, but also the characteristics of the shortcomings of this part of the cam mechanism between the cam and follower is a point or line contact, easy to wear, it should only be used where small power transmission; cam profile high precision, CNC machine tools required for processing; stroke follower can not be too large, otherwise it would become unwieldy cam.

  These summed together, is about cam and groove coupling characteristics have disadvantages and advantages as you can demonstrate in front of the public.