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Measure the quasi effective diameter and Clear the installation reference for impeller of Hydraulic cam and groove coupling

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  Measure the quasi effective diameter. The hydraulic cam and groove coupling's power transmission capability r is proportional to 5 party of the effective diamete, so the effective diameter size is very important. The regulations are not consistent in various countries of the effective diameter cam and groove coupling standard series, surveying and mapping before the best managed to find the cam and groove coupling specification or effective diameter series table, which can determine the effective diameter size.

  Clear the installation reference. Installing base mapping must first understand the pump wheels, turbine and other parts, the measurement and the dimension must be to install the benchmark as a starting point. Installation baseline turbine is "A", the size of L decided to the turbine and the pump wheel clearance, so the dimension tolerance and shape tolerance to "A" as standard, V belt wheel cam and groove coupling, installation reference V belt wheel is the "B" surface, size L determine the relationship orientation of V belt wheel and the bearing, if not the size or tolerance, V belt wheel may get stuck is not installed or bearing dislocation.