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Why should hydraulic cam and groove coupling be repaired regularly but not wait until all bad again?

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  As other machines, hydraulic cam and groove coupling should be regular overhaul, and can't wait until all the broken and overhaul. If you wait until all the bad again when the overhaul, impeller, shaft, bearing is likely and other functional parts are damaged, so that not only difficult maintenance and repair costs, improve, extend the repair time, increase the difficulty of repair. Often have the case.

  When the cam and groove coupling is abnormal not timely repair, damaged impeller, shaft and other components, the cam and groove coupling paralysis cannot use, disassembly is also very difficult. So the coupling shall overhaul period reasonable, regular maintenance. In fact there are many manufacturers do not pay much attention to study this process, we should pay attention to this problem in order to use coupler better and not delay working work properly under the hope that timing maintenance.