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Application of the torque limited hydraulic cam and groove coupling in crane.

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  With cam and groove coupling, it can realize smooth starting without impact especially on the gantry crane and tower crane, can reduce the level of vibration reduction mechanism, impact load.

  Smoothly without impulse deceleration special gantry crane, take the first motor and cam and groove coupling reverse brake, combined with mechanical brake method, which can avoid the influence of speed reducer of gear under impact loading.

  Easy operation: because the transfer of hydraulic cam and groove coupling can coordinate the synchronous running machine, so can make the operation mechanism on both sides of the synchronous driving, avoid "gnawing rail", "bite" and deviation caused by block, crawling,

  Realize low vibration and low noise operation: the workshop crane using hydraulic cam and groove coupling transmission, vibration and the noise greatly reduced, there is conducive to environmental protection.

  Reduce the equipment failure rate due to hydraulic cam and groove coupling with light load start, overload protection function, so it can guarantee the start and overload without motor and crane damage. As a result of the electrical control components is reduced, so the control system reliability, fault motor, reducer to reduce the rate of.

  Simplified operation: achieve the most simple operation, use and maintenance are simple.

  Reduce manufacturing costs: while increasing the hydraulic cam and groove coupling, but can be wound type motor, YZ series or Y series cheap motor to replace expensive, not starting resistor and the complexity of the start control device, the total cost is relatively reduced.

  Light load start and start sequence are energy saving to reduce motor operating costs, equipment failure rate is low, so the lower operating costs.

  Crane adaptive capacity is strong: because the hydraulic cam and groove coupling has automatic adaptation and overload protection function, in the wind, the seasonal changing wind or different load conditions, the crane can safe operation.